Large Abstract painting canvas is fortune diviner.Recently I had a crush on constellations and metaphysics with friends, and the ridiculous two people wanted to change their lives with a slim destiny.This kind of person is also called a diviner.
The outstanding Italian realist painter Michelangelo painted a famous abstract painting canvas in the early days,"the diviner" and I occasionally saw a copy of it in an painting appreciation class.But the spectacle of the picture attracted me.

Large Abstract Palette Knife Painting
Large Abstract Palette Knife Painting

The large abstract painting canvas shows two people,a young knight and a mysterious girl.The young man put his gloved hand on the hilt of the sword,and the her hand reached out to the girl who took his hand and drew the symbol on his hand.From the dress, it is not difficult to see that the girl is a gypsy woman,the eyes of the gypsy woman is dark and bright, which was full of wisdom and mystery because of the insight into the knight's heart or see through his fate?
Do you really want to show the knight a good look at his hand, or do you want to steal his ring? The knight's eyes were opposite to the girl, and he looked disdainfully at the diviner, as if he were saying "What are you talking about?"
This abstract painting canvas is a bust, from the point of view of the art of the time,the large modern abstract painting is very realistic.The common customs of the streets,the vagrant gypsy women, to the knights to see palms,although the status of the girl is low, but solemn self-esteem,even though the chivalry attitude contempt, but the girl's eyes revered in the eyes,which is still more sincere and intelligent.In contrast to the two,the aristocratic knight with his hat on his head was so gaudy and unreal.
For the first time,the painting of author takes the people on the bottom as the theme of the painting, and it is the first time that he has entered the painting as his master.If as scholars say,the girl was about to steal the ring from the knight's hand.But the master Caravaggio was able to show the scene in a witty way,satirizing the aristocracy and hierarchy of the time.

Large Handmade Black White Flowers Acrylic Minimalist Painting
Large Handmade Black White Flowers Acrylic Minimalist Painting

The mysterious Gypsy female diviner the remaining young knight of the upper class,one who can predict fate and the future,one that represents the present and the past.The two are complementary and ironic to each other. The tone of the extra large abstract painting canvas was grayish, and the scene was even weirder at the time.It is hard to imagine such a painting as the hand of a realist painter.
Caravaggio' s life was intoxicating, dangerous and enigmatic.He suddenly appeared in Rome's art circle in 1600 without a shortage of commissions and grants since,even though he managed his success badly.
Abstract painting canvas is declared that only 'nature' is the painter's model,it is not the immortal sculpture of ancient times painting.