To say whether hyperrealism is meaningful or not, we first know how it came into being. For more than 500 years since the Renaissance, Western painters have been trying to portray the world as truly as possible through scientific analysis. In this period, perspective, anatomy, color and so on began to appear. The  Large Abstract Wall Decor of this period can be found to be realistic. For example, we are all familiar with Leonardo Da Vinci and other painters, who study a lot of knowledge, observe and depict everything carefully and truly. Let's take a look at "Overrealistic Oil Painting Introduction".

Large Black and White Abstract Canvas Painting,Black and White Abstract Wall Art for Living Room

From then on, realistic  Extra Large Abstract Painting flourished until the emergence of photography in the first half of the 19th century. From then on, realistic painting flourished until the emergence of photography in the first half of the 19th century. After the emergence of photography, most of us look at painting with the same attitude as the landlord - what if the painting is real? We have cameras. Later, modern art schools showed a brilliant trend. Impressionism, Cubism, Expressionism and Fauvism took turns to appear. Each school had its own unique artistic form and ideas. In this process, although the content of each school is different, there are common points that deny the traditional art form, emphasize the expression of subjective feelings, abandon the description of the objective world, and form the transformation from concrete to abstract.

The next thing we can imagine is that because of the prevailing abstract art in the United States, a feeling of resistance to the monopoly of  Oversized Abstract Art arises. So some artists began to create super realistic paintings, hoping to break the situation of abstract unification. There are three main reasons for their resistance. First, in the 1960s, influenced by the artistic form at that time, artists had an impetuous mentality of eager for quick success and instant benefit. Behind the works full of personal subjective feelings, the artist's personal spiritual height has not been improved, but began to go on the perfunctory road. Second, the popularity of abstractionism makes the art of painting gradually away from the masses, ordinary people can not understand the meaning of these abstract works at the same time can not appreciate, hyperrealists hope to let the masses re-recognize the charm of painting. The third point is to hope that the technical performance of  Large Black and White Art will be valued again. The so-called art can not be separated from skilled technology. Popular point of view is that the paintings did not reflect too much technical, so many people now see those masterpieces mistakenly think that children in kindergartens can also paint - although the artist's skills are very exquisite, but can not be reflected. Hyperrealism embodies the skill of painting and photography. Skilled technology should be supported by diligent study and hard practice, and can not be opportunistic.

    In their own unique ways to use his decorative color language,many contemporary Chinese painters constantly explore with decorative color Extra Large Modern Painting.Both foreign and foreign  Large Abstract Canvas Art have been deeply studied, borrowed, and integrated.

Original Extra Large Wall Art

    Although the cultural exchanges between the East and the West have become more frequent and the culture has infiltrated each other, the boundaries of the nation's conscious language have been diluted and blurred, but the color language of his works shows that the artistic soul will not change. The spirit of this nation will not change. We should realize that modern is not a conservative negation and fracture, that modern art is the continuation and evolution of conservative Oversized Abstract Art, and strive to discover the essence of the National painting art. In the process of discovering the essence of the National Large Abstract Canvas Art and inventing both traditional and modern oil paintings and national spiritual works, we will combine conservative art with modern oil paintings and combine popular needs and cultural tastes. To explore works of your own style.

Cheap large paintingss-Klimt (1862 ~ 1918), Gustav Klimt Gustav Klimt
Austrian painter.
He was born on July 14, 1862,Oversized Canvas Art in the Vienna suburb of bumgat, and died on February 6, 1918 in the same place.
He studied at the Vienna polytechnic school in his early years.
1890 he joined the Vienna artists association.
The work absorbs various artistic elements of ancient Egypt,Black and White Abstract Canvas Art Greece and the middle ages, combines the surface emphasizing contour
lines with the plane of classical Mosaic to create a unique and appealing painting style.
As baroness echt.
1897 he quit the Vienna artists association and organized the Vienna separatists.
Other works include the kiss, hidden at the Austrian art museum.
His father was engaged in gold and silver engraving and bronze plate technology,Large Abstract Art Sale and klimt was the eldest of his seven children. Under the influence of
this family of arts and crafts, he and his two younger brothers entered the school of arts and crafts affiliated to Austrian art museum of arts and crafts in Vienna to study. After graduation, he made artistic creation of murals and wall

In 1905, the art has a long tradition in the Austrian capital Vienna city, has become a artist association member of klimt organization launched a campaign to oppose academic art old conservatives, not for "Vienna secession" title, makes
every effort to make artistic innovations, advocate the world various nationalities art mutually absorb nutrition, development artists personal style.
His early style socket clique before learning the British and the French impressionists tradition, since established "the secession", began to Assyria, Greece and the Byzantine Mosaic decoration interest into the painting, the use of
"peacock feathers, mother-of-pearl, tinsel piece, the snail shell flower Kuang, colour or gloss", created a "Mosaic" painted by painting, make the works of painting and technology has reached the extreme.
Klimt was a unique artistic personality, with strong ethnic style of painting master, he sees as "only through art, continuously penetrated into life, artists to find the basis, in order to make progress" point of view and his art
practice proved that he is quite keen to real life feeling, this is so he can on the art achievement of the success of a cannot suddenly.

1) application of white oil paints:cheap large paintings

The white is the color with the highest brightness and the strongest covering power.Large Canvas Art Cheap It is often used to brighten a certain local color.

Mixing white into any other color will improve the clarity and purity of the color.

Mixing the same amount with the same amount of black will produce pure grey,Large Canvas Art Sale  and mixing the same amount will get different brightness of grey.

To make the color lighter, blending in white is not the only way.
In nature, any color changes with the intensity of light.
Red, for example, tends to be blue-violet when it's dark and orange-yellow when it's light.
In other words, to brighten the red, you must add orange.

(2) application of black oil paints:

Match black with any other color and it can become "dirty".

An exclusive color of black is usually used independently of the image or mixed with white to make a grey color.

There are three traditional ways of blending black:

Dark red + ripe brown + half green = warm black

Cooked brown + prune + half green = cold black

Ripe brown + emerald green + crimson = neutral black

(3) white and black usage of modern oil painting:

Classical oil paintings use white pigments, in addition to toning, mainly to enhance the contrast between light and shade, so that the pigments become opaque and thickly painted in the light part, with the purpose of improving the color with white.
Modern oil paintings, especially impressionists, generally add white to the pigments after they have observed the outdoor light, making the overall color of the picture brighter.
The impressionist painters such as manet, monet and schurra mixed the color used with lead white to different degrees to increase the brightness of the color and obtain the effect of natural light color.

Black was not found in the spectrum, so the impressionists removed it from the palette.
Then they learned to reconcile the "black".
Group green, magenta, green and other pure tone and together, so that it is close to black.
Renoir called black "the queen of the color", and lautrec,Large Wall Art Cezanne, gauguin, Matisse, Picasso and other outstanding modern oil painters used black in their paintings, which made their colors full of deep power.